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Ear Candling

Ear Candling has been used for thousands of years as a “home remedy.” Ancient Egyptians, upper-class Greeks, Oriental doctors, and American Indians have all been documented as using ear candles or cones. Ancient rites of initiation used ear candling for purification. It was believed (and still is today in some cultures) that ear candling assisted in opening the body’s spiritual centers and thus cleaned the spiritual body through the physical. Currently, many cultures still use ear coning. I learned my ear candling techniques from the Chinese tradition.

Ear Candle Session

There is a charge of $25 per ear, which includes the cleaning and the ear candles used. It is recommended that you receive a candling several times a year. You may add an ear candling session onto your appointment for a massage treatment but advanced notice is required. An Ear Candling for both ears lasts about 30 minutes.


No health claims for any products are made by the manufacturer or retailer of the candles. I do not represent candling to prevent, cure, or alleviate any specific disease or condition. Nor do I assume any liability for negative results believed to occur from ear candling. Everyone’s body is different and I do not claim the same results will be experienced by all.


This is a home remedy and you may wish to consult your personal physician before using. When physical problems arise, each individual must accept the responsibility of choosing one’s doctor and the methods of treatment.


Not recommended for people with tubes in their ears, punctured eardrums, or those who have had recent surgery in the ears.