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Mongolian Massage

Developed from traditions of the ancient Mongolian warriors, this style of bodywork was introduced to me through the work of a spiritual school as a self massage for the releasing of old injuries from the body and the psyche. It is based on the principle that the body stores the memory of pain long after a wound has healed. The Mongolian warriors knew that if they did not remove the memory of an injury, it made them a weaker body, ruled by fear. By releasing these areas of trauma, awareness is returned to the body along with the wisdom of life experience.

As I said, this warrior massage was originally taught as self massage - practitioners used their hands hands or tools made of stone, jade, wood, etc. to liberate their bodies. After practicing it on my own body for over 100 hours, the results were so incredible that I began to make it a practicing art for clients. It feels like your body is being sculpted out – it is done with a touch that is both deep and cathartic, - not painful. This intense massage can produce states of ecstasy by awakening the Spirit Body and returns awareness to areas that were previously asleep. Sometimes within specific areas where the body has been "liberated", different emotional fears are also released. I recommend Mongolian Massage as one of the most effective forms of deep skeletal-muscular therapy. I also offer classes in this ancient self massage technique. Conditions that benefit from Mongolian Massage are:

•	Back aches
•	Neck pain and loss of range of motion
•	Foot and Leg pain
•	Indigestion
•	Breathing Problems
•	Shoulder pain and frozen shoulder
•	Old injuries that never felt completely healed
•	Problems with grounding
•	Fear of dying, fear of failing
•	Lack of Self Awareness and Self Acceptance