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Process Acupressure

Process Acupressure (PA) is an integrative body/mind/soul approach that combines traditional acupressure techniques with process psychology skills. It helps individuals reclaim energetic balance in their bodies, which promotes better health. It facilitates more awareness of the body, its needs, and its direct relationship to emotions, thought processes, and past history. PA also teaches people how to trust the truth of their own experience, to accept their own power, and to claim their soul-centered purpose in life.

Process Acupressure opens and balances the energy pathways and vortices of the body. This increased energy flow in turn brings greater harmony and functionality into all the other body systems. In addition, energy flow speeds up and eases structural work in the body. PA also facilitates the release of trauma stored within the body. By unblocking the movement of energy through the body, Process Acupressure creates the opportunity for individuals to release old blocked emotions, relieve chronic body tensions, and resolve unhealed events of the past. Further, the process teaches people how to instigate, follow, and support their own process of healthy change.

Process Acupressure can be used to:

•	Open and balance a person's energy systems
•	Fatigue
•	Stress
•	Chronic aches and pains
•	Headaches
•	Depression
•	Female Problems
•	Lack of meaning and purpose in life
•	Access more consciousness potential, such as
    higher faculties of clairvoyance and clairaudience