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Lymphatic Rolling Massage

Lymphatic Rolling Massage is a technique that I learned from Dr. Chikly during his extensive Lymph Drainage Therapy classes and is used to liberate the adipose tissues from the connective tissues. Literally the skin is picked up and “rolled” lifting it from the stuck places beneath where congestion, poor circulation, and poor energy flow are present.

Rolling can be done to break up cellulite in the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and arms, thus improving flow of lymph and blood and chi, and support the client in weight loss and toning up. Rolling massage can be done to reverse aging in the face, break up scar tissue long after an operation or injury, reduce stretch marks after pregnancy or weight gain, and to reduce the effects of jet lag or other causes of fatigue. Rolling Massage may be combined with other modalities in one session.

I recommend Lymphatic Rolling Massage for the following conditions:

•	Jet Lag
•	Scar Tissues
•	Aging and wrinkles
•	Poor Circulation
•	Cellulite
•	Stretch Marks