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SomatoEmotional Release

SomatoEmotional Release is a therapy that uses and enlarges on the principles of CranioSacral Therapy to help release from the body and the psyche the residing effects of trauma, injury, and abuse. The practitioner is able to “follow” the information stored in the client’s tissues, bones, and nervous system to find where negative patterns are being held, called “energy cysts.” Sometimes dialogue and imaging techniques are employed to assist the release of long-held traumas and memories of events that resulted in loss of power and autonomy and even self-awareness. Often work is required in the mouth and around the expression system to enable the client to become aware of suppressed feelings and to be able to speak about painful events long forgotten.

During SomatoEmotional Release the therapist works in partnership with the client to serve his/her deepest needs, to establish trust and a positive attitude, to resolve incomplete biological processes, and to integrate the conscious with the unconscious mind in areas where the client is still suffering. It has been often said that our biography becomes our biology. SomatoEmotional Release Therapy is one way to release many impediments to good mental, physical, and spiritual health that have lodged in the body from past traumas, both emotional and physical. Some benefits of SomatoEmotional Release:

•	Relief from post traumatic stress syndrome
•	Relief from insomnia
•	Relief from nightmares and night terrors
•	Integrating one’s past experiences with one’s present life
•	Ending patterns of self-abuse
•	Bringing into consciousness negative patterns long hidden
•	Finding peace and forgiveness with many aspects of one’s history
•	Letting go of painful memories and moving forward
•	Recovery from minor and major surgery
•	Moving on after severe grief and loss