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Spinal Release

Spinal Release was once taught and practiced by some of the chiropractic professionals as Spinal Touch. Several decades ago, they stopped teaching it and authorized a massage therapist to take the technique, rename it, and teach it to others. I learned it through this massage therapist in the 90’s through the Upledger Institute. I have used it with many clients with great success. Technically, it is based on the principle that after certain injuries/traumas/accidents, the anatomical center located at L5/S1 has been displaced. And all the muscles along the spine and neck and rib cage have been compensating for this pathological center ever since. Spinal Release returns the L5/S1 area to its true center after a series of diagnostic methods to determine the degree of displacement and then a treatment with neurological touch along all the compensatory muscles to remove the old pattern of holding. It requires a minimum of two sessions and sometimes as many as five to return the body to its correct anatomical center. Some clients I have seen have suffered for decades with an old injury that their bodies have been “coping” with causing endless back, neck, spinal, and head pains, not to mention inflammation, lack of strength, loss of agility, merely because their center of gravity was off by a few degrees. It is not painful to receive and some exercise at home between treatments is required for the best results. Conditions that might benefit from Spinal Release are:

•	Chronic foot, ankle, knee, or leg pain
•	Chronic back pain with no diagnosis
•	Weakness in the back and abdominal muscles
•	Chronic bad posture
•	Lingering aches and pains long after an accident or injury