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Swedish Massage/Medical Masage

Massage is one of the oldest therapies in the world and Swedish massage has been practiced and taught in the West for over a hundred years. Swedish massage is generally practiced with clothing removed, using oil, and targeted for the whole body. The main purpose of a general Swedish massage is relaxation, improved circulation, improved digestion, letting go of the mind, getting in touch with one’s physical self, and general all around good feeling. It can also be beneficial when targeting specific areas such as a sprained ankle, tennis elbow, stiff neck, sore shoulders, tired legs, etc. When used for medical conditions, I call it Medical Massage, since a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology and pathology is required to insure safety and effectiveness. Medical Massage may be used following surgery, rehabilitation after a long illness, for acute conditions, and for many chronic conditions. It should always feel good and be practiced with a thorough knowledge of the condition and diagnosis of the client. Some conditions that benefit from Swedish and Medical Massage are:

•	Tennis elbow
•	Sprained/strained ankle
•	Plantar fascitis
•	General fatigue or depression
•	Insomnia
•	Headaches
•	Indigestion
•	Breathing Problems such as asthma
•	Neck Pain and Loss of Range of Motion
•	Frozen Shoulder
•	Back Pain
•	Sore muscles from over exertion
•	Recovery from surgery
•	Recovery from broken bones
•	Bad posture
•	Constipation
•	Chronic Bowel conditions
•	Low energy due to stress