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Visceral Manipulation Therapy

Practiced for centuries and developed in the West by Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral from France, Visceral Manipulation is a gentle hands-on technique that works with the organs, through their tissues and ligaments, to discover and correct where there are abnormal and unhealthy adhesions, lack of motion, disharmony, and irritation, all of which can set the stage for disease and dysfunction.

I had the pleasure of studying directly with Dr. Barral in the 90’s when he came to the U.S. through the Upledger Institute to teach us this innovative therapy which encourages normal mobility and healthy functioning of the major organs and the connective tissues surrounding them: the heart, the liver, the gall bladder, the stomach, the intestines, the bladder, the lungs, etc. This therapy helps to reduce the effects of stress, both physical and emotional, on these vital organs, thus improving one’s general health and immunity to disease as well as improving the structural integrity of the entire body. I learned that 80% of chronic skeletal-muscular problems that don’t improve with regular therapy are connected with visceral disharmony!

Some of the conditions that may benefit from Visceral Manipulation:

•	Liver problems
•	Indigestion
•	Gall Bladder Problems
•	Incontinence
•	Stomach problems
•	Hiatal and Inguinal Hernias 
•	Reflux
•	Heartburn
•	Asthma
•	Chronic Pulmonary Disease
•	Constipation
•	Infertility
•	Flatulence
•	Chronic Bowel Syndrome
•	Shallow Breathing
•	Lower Back Pain