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Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is a hands-on technique that is designed to align your energy body with your physical structure. It is practiced with a special touch – called the donkey touch – at interface – between the client and the therapist. I especially love Zero Balancing because it is always clear where I end and the client begins – there is no blending of the boundaries between the two. Through introducing stronger, clearer fields of energy through the body structure, Zero Balancing balances both bodies thus integrating the mind and the body even in the thickest tissues of the anatomy, the bones. I had the privilege of studying Zero Balancing with the man who “invented” it in the mid 70’s, Dr. Fritz Smith. I always describe ZB as a method that improves the flow of vitality through the bones – but it is far more than that. ZB can restore consciousness in a diseased area or an old injury; it can introduce new belief systems into the psyche; it can facilitate change, physically and mentally; it can restore a person’s core energy after illness or trauma or major operation; it can even help your wildest dreams come true.

After my first Zero Balancing session in 1988 I felt like an eight lane interstate highway had been opened inside of me. I felt euphoric, pain-free for the first time in months after a medical trauma, and empowered to live my life to the fullest. That is a lot to feel after a 40 minute session done with my clothes on in a classroom surrounded by others! So I proceeded to study it and become a certified Zero Balancer. Since then I have given literally thousands of ZB treatments.

Some of the benefits of Zero Balancing:
•	Relief of physical and mental symptoms
•	Improvement in coping skills
•	Increased sense of wholeness and well-being
•	Maintenance of optimal health
•	Aid in self-discovery and self-actualization
•	Support for change and growth on all levels
•	Grounding and integration of physical and energetic bodies
•	Recovery of vitality after a long illness
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